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 Exclusive ebook publications by Oso Press, LLC. 

Oso Press proudly presents the adventure novels by

Ben DeWitt and Hal Williams 

Now available in ebook format


New adventure novel by Ben DeWitt 

Ben DeWitt's exciting new adventure brings together some of his favorite characters to fight global enemies. Not all drug wars are about drugs.

And don't forget The Anaya Deceit , latest adventure novel by Monkey Blood author Hal Williams, tells the story of an international assassination plan to stop the Falklands War. 

Books by Ben DeWitt:

Death of a Hummingbird
Graveyard Grove
No Other Way
The Third Valley
Some Day, Some Way
Old Friends, Old Enemies, Old Wars 

A limited number of Ben DeWitt's signed first editions are also available exclusively from OSO Press, LLC.



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